So I have this image of my mother that I am obsessed with. Ever since I was little I would look at it and admire her beauty. I thought she was the most glamorous person in the world. Fast forward 30 years and I still treasure that image. I have a serious relationship with old family photos. I feel connected to those people. I feel like I know them. I love the importance they placed on their portraits. You got on your finest duds and had a professional portrait taken. It meant something. You treasured it.

After 15 years of being a photographer I came to the realization that it has become fast food. Very little effort is put into the process (except for mom, more on that later). The pictures make it to Facebook and that is about it. "I will print those someday" never happens and it is time again for the next Christmas card. I want that to change.

Let me guess your last session went something like this........ "These are going to be the best pictures ever! I have a perfect Pinterest board to guide my shoot. Schedule photographer (cheaper the better). Spend and insane amount of time finding outfits for everyone. Crap, I can't find anything for me. Oh well at least my kids will look cute. This is too much work. Let's just go with what we have." Day of pictures you spend the whole day getting everybody ready, including your husband. Everyone is screaming and complaining. You want to cry or punch people in the face, maybe both. You show up for the session and realize that you have no idea how you look.  You are a sweaty hot mess and you are not even positive you put on mascara. Oh well, everybody "JUST SHUT UP AND SMILE!" And the photographer really doesn't know what they are doing so you end up with mediocre pictures that you really never want to see again. Can we say PTSD?

So here is the deal. Pictures are important to women. We love and cherish them. It is the best gift we can be given. I want the experience to feel like a treat not torture. I want women to exist in portraits. I want to document them, just like the portrait of my mom. I want them to look and feel gorgeous. I want to show them how beautiful they still are. Let's be honest, after many kids and many years later, we can forget who we are.

How will I do this? Well we will start with a pre-consult. We will decide exactly what you should buy and how you should be styled. We will have a clear plan on how the images should look. I will help in any way I can. On the day of the shoot you (and your girls) will come and have your hair and makeup done by a professional. You will eat treats and drink your favorite beverage. We will do a glamour session with the girls. Everyone will have individual portraits that showcase their unique beauty. We will also do photographs together to document your love for each other. After all the girly stuff is done, the boys will show up and we will do a fine art portrait of the whole family. Girls are happy and so are the boys. Mom looks and feels fabulous and didn't have to worry about taking care of anyone.

After the session you will come back for a viewing session and get to pick your favorites and I will take care of everything from there. You will end up with the most beautiful portraits that are ready to hang on your wall for the years to come.

So there it is. My dream. My passion. My motivation. 


Oh ya and here is my Bio ;)

I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Brigham Young University and was awarded a prestigious internship with famed photographer Joyce Tenneson in New York. My work has been credited in the book "Wise Women: A Celebration of their Insights, Courage, and Beauty" which featured such renowned female subjects as Dame Judy Dench, Angela Lansbury and Sandra Day OConnor. 

I have been photographing and making friends with amazing people for the last 15 years. I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew. Like seriously addicted. I live in, and love Santaquin, UT with my husband, four children and a dog named Charlie.


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